1. Who is the President of the College and what are his credentials?
    Dr. Keith B. Slough, Ph.D., Th.D. is the president of Ambassador Christian College, an Institute for Advanced Studies and possesses a Masters and a Th.D. in Theology. For over 20 consecutive years he has been broadcasting the Gospel and has reached 100 nations around the world. His weekly radio program can be heard on Sunday afternoons at 1 pm at Ford Broadcasting.
  2. What kind of degrees does the college offer?
    Ambassador Christian College offers an Associate of Arts Degree after one year of study and a Bachelor of Arts Degree after 2 years of study. It is possible to earn a college degree in 9 months of study at Ambassador Christian College. Ambassador Christian College is accredited by the State of North Carolina to offer degrees in Undgergraduate and Graduate programs.
  3. What is the tuition and what payment arrangements can I make?
    The tuition is $1800 per year compared to most Universities which cost in excess of $3000. Tuition payments are made to Ambassador Christian College. There are no direct financial assistance programs from Ambassador Christian College. Although we are not in a position to help you file or fill out any government financial aid forms for assistance, you can file your own request with the proper agencies for financial aid. We sugest that any student who cannot afford their tuition entirely on their own seek sponsorship from individuals, churches or other sources. We will be glad to answer any questions that you or the potential sponsor may have. A general Scholarship Program is being offered by Christian Fellowship Ministries, Inc. to all qualified applicants. Christian Fellowship Ministries can be reached at (704) 938-6415.
  4. Will my past Bible courses be transferable to Ambassador Christian College?
    No, the course material for Ambassador Christian College is uniquely created to students who attend this school.
  5. Can I attend Ambassador Christian College while I am still in High School?
    Yes, Ambassador Christian College is open to High School students who are interested in doing the Work of God.