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Graduates of Ambassador Christian College's first year of study are eligable for an Associates of Arts degree in Theology. The student must complete all course work with a passing grade for each course of study. All financial obligations to the college must be met before degrees can be conferred.

101. Prove all things basic doctrinal course (36 Lessons). Begins with the foundational doctrines such as the existence of God and the scientific proof of his existence, inspiration of the Holy Bible, the historicity of Jesus of Nazareth and other basic doctrines proved from the Bible. 4 Credit Hours

120. Principles of Church Growth I. Reveals fundamental methods in church planting in church growth. The student will be allowed to participate in actual church growth programs which will benefit local congregations. 1 Credit Hour

130. Praise and Worship in the Church. Scriptural methods for proper worship and praise of God is rebuild in both the old and new Testaments. 1 Credit Hour

150. Survey of the Gospels. Using the Bible as the textbook, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John will be surveyed and compared. Special reference notes will be addressed from college textbooks such as  A. T. Robertson's" Harmony of the Gospels" as well as others. The student will study all four Gospels in learning about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. 3 Credit Hours

210. Survey of the book of Acts. Understanding the theme of the "history book" of the New Testament, the rise of the early church, its history and teachings, and the general overview of doctrines held by the first century church. 3 Credit Hours

240. Survey of the General Epistles. Emphasis on understanding the Law as the early church did in the doctrinal teachings found in these Epistles. 2 Credit Hours

250. Survey of the Epistles of the Apostle Paul. The primary teachings of the Apostle Paul as relates to the New Covenant and the New Testament Church. 3 Credit Hours

260. Survey of the Book of Revelation. Study of New Testament eschatology. Major themes include the Great Tribulation, the Rapture, and the Seven Trumpets leading up to the Second Coming of Christ. 2 Credit Hours

270. Faith and Healing. An examination of what the Bible actually says regarding healing for today; the definition of faith and how to use the "faith of God" for healing and miracles. Students will not only be taught how to receive healing when needed, but will be taught how to effectively pray for others for healing and how to get results using the "faith of God " as taught by Jesus Christ. 3 Credit Hours

280. Principles of Prosperity. An extremely life-changing course teaching students the three major principles of getting our needs supplied through supernatural means and on a continual basis according to Matthew 6:33 and Phillipians 4:19. 3 Credit Hours

290 (Optional). Principles of Preaching I. (Homiletics. Lecture and Lab) The ministerial student will get practical education in actual preaching and teaching the Word of God. Emphasis on effective delivery in public speaking. 1 Credit Hour