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Graduates of Ambassador Christian College's second year of study are eligable for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology. The student must complete all course work with a passing grade for each course of study. All financial obligations to the college must be met before degrees can be conferred.

301. Principles of Church Growth II. A continuation of church growth principles with emphasis on maintaining membership in a new church and additional teaching on church planting in other countries and the U.S. 1 Credit Hour

310. Survey of the Law. Study of the Pentateuch with an emphasis on the book of Deuteronomy. What Laws are still in force today? Is there a dichotomy between the "Law of Moses," and the "Law of God"? 4 Credit Hours

320. Survey of the Major Prophets. Basic theme and teaching of the Old Testament major prophets. 3 Credit Hours

325. Survey of the Minor Prophets. Basic theme and teaching of the Old Testament minor prophets with an emphasis on the "Day of the Lord." 2 Credit Hours

350. Survey of the Historical Books. Basic theme is the study of the third division of the Old Testament with an emphasis on the book of Kings. 2 Credit Hours

360. Church History. Detailed history of God's persecuted people down through 2000 years of church history starting with the Book of Acts. Emphasis on the Biblical signs of God's Church through the ages and where they were in each century to the present. Textbook: "A True History of the True Church" 4 Credit Hours


400. Principles of Preaching II. (Homiletics. Lecture and Lab) Emphasis on public speaking and fluid delivery. Various speaking styles of successful public speakers and ministers will be studied. More opportunities to speak and teach are given to students via local and home church encouragement and in the classroom. 1 Credit Hour

410. Servant Leadership and Church Government. The correct way to lead a congregation through being a "good shepherd." Emphasis on loving service to congregations; counseling, visiting the sick, encouraging and leading congregations as a servant are strongly emphasized. Major examination on the difference between true servant leadership and abusive autocratic rule. 2 Credit Hours

420. Church Government II. Study of various types of church government used in churches today including the three major types. Emphasis on church government is revealed through the New Testament. How to solve political and personal problems in the local congregation; decision making, leadership and discipline in the church. 3 Credit Hours

450. Biblical Calendar. Survey of the three historical calendars used by the Jews since the days of Moses and the close of the New Testament cannon until A.D. 800. Emphasis on the original Biblical Calendar and the detailed study of the changes in the new Jewish Calendar introduced and created by Hillel II in A.D. 358 with its modifications until A.D. 800. The student will thoroughly understand how to determine the Biblical Calendar from the new moon as was done in Biblical times and will be done in the Millennial Kingdom. The significance of the Sacred Calendar will be given in relation to the Biblical Festivals foreshadowing their antitypical fulfillment in Christ. 2 Credit Hours