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Office of the Registrar
2130 Hopedale St, Kannapolis, NC 28083 (704) 783-7857

Transcript Request Form

Name: ______________________________________________________________________
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Address: _____________________________________________________________________
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Last date of attendance: _____________________
Phone: __________________ Work/Other: __________________ E-Mail: ____________________
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* (Must have original signature to process request)*
One copy per degree is provided at no cost. There will be a $10 charge per each additional set of transcripts. Payment should be made by money order or cashier’s check only. Money orders should be made payable to AMBASSADOR CHRISTIAN COLLEGE.
Mail this request with payment to the address above. Requests WILL NOT be processed without proper payment.
*Verify the address to which the transcripts are to be sent. Most colleges and employers will NOT accept transcripts directly from the student. Most require transcripts sent directly to them from the office of the registrar.
*If transcripts are to be sent to more than one address, please use additional forms.
*Transcripts will be put on hold if student has a balance at Ambassador Christian College
For Office Use Only:
Transcript Fee Paid _________ Date Issued _________________
Transcript Released by: _________________________________
Transcripts mailed to students will be stamped “ISSUED TO STUDENT” and are NOT considered official.
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This section has been a long time coming. As part of the online campus, we've now created a section devoted just for you. For now, if you've completed your Associate degree program at any time, you can log on and revisit the course information. Download the lessons, listen to the audio recorded for the online campus or just listen to Keith over and over again... 

To take advantage of this, please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Once I have verified that you completed at least that level, I'll set you up with an unlimited time account.

Additionally, if  you would like copies of your transcript, please download, print and mail this ACC Transcript Request Form. Please contact Jannetta Eberhart at the school for more details.

Thank you,

Tom Hartley

Director of Online Studies 


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Ambassador Christian College is currently offering it's Associate of Arts in Theology degree program online. Courses begin every February, April, June, August, October and December. Tuition for online courses are the same for attending classes on campus. Starting in 2009, the Bachelor of Arts in Theology program will be added.

Today, distance learning makes getting a degree easier than ever. People can study God's Word with Ambassador Christian College and earn a valuable college degree from the comfort of their own home. Our online campus opens up distant learning from coast to coast.

Churches and ministries across the world and in your own back yard need workers who aren't ashamed of the Gospel. Your family will certainly benefit from your time with Ambassador Christian College. Your church and friends will see a difference in your life as you begin to live out the principles set forth in the Bible. As you begin to apply God's Word daily, everything will change for you and about you.

Our Associate of Arts online class is broken into three comprehensive areas:

First, there is the 36 lesson Prove All Things study course. Beginning with an exciting study of the foundational doctrines and a factual examination of the Bible, a thorough investigation of Jesus as the Messiah, and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. See God's Law from a new, fresh perspective, the true Kingdom of God, what the future holds for each of us, and more- each from a Biblical only viewpoint. No man-made traditions or philosophies.

Second, you will Survey the Gospels. Paul admonished Timothy to study God's Word to show himself approved unto God- not man. What do the Scriptures say about many unsound subjects taught and preachd today? You will find out in this exciting look at the New Testament.

Finally, we look at the exciting topic of Faith and Healing. Where do the Scriptures give us the strengths for these two important Biblical tools? How can you effectively tap into these for yourself and others? Learn what many others do not know. Understand for yourself and others what the Scriptures say for Christians in our generation.


Click Here to be taken to the logon page.

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Graduates of Ambassador Christian College's fourth year of study are eligable for an Doctorate of Arts degree in Theology. The student must complete all course work with a passing grade for each course of study. All financial obligations to the college must be met before degrees can be conferred.
Masters Degree Program | Print |
Graduates of Ambassador Christian College's third year of study are eligable for an Master of Arts degree in Theology. The student must complete all course work with a passing grade for each course of study. All financial obligations to the college must be met before degrees can be conferred.


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